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Class mapping_select

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 widget --+    
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  __init__(self, mapping, sort=False, size=1, multiple=False, multiple_separator=None, **kw)
  __call__(self, dbobj, **kw)

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Inherited from widget: __cmp__, __init_dbproperty__

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__init__(self, mapping, sort=False, size=1, multiple=False, multiple_separator=None, **kw)

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  • mapping - A list of pairs as ( 'identifyer', u'title', ) that will be used to create the widget.
  • sort - Boolean value that determins if the mapping will be sorted by its title component before any HTML is created from it, defaults to False.
  • size - Size parameter to the <select> tag. Defaults to 1.
  • multiple - Determine whether the user will be able to select multiple items from the mapping. Defaults to False.
  • multiple_separator - This parameter only has an effect if multiple is True. If set to a non-Null value, data received from the web client will be flattened to a single string, concatinated by MULTIPLE_SEPARATOR. If set to None (the default), the data will always be represented as a list of strings.
Overrides: widget.__init__

__call__(self, dbobj, **kw)
(Call operator)

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Overrides: widget.__call__