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Package orm2

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Welcome to The Object Relational Membrane (v.2)

For a general introduction please refer to the README file in the distribution root folder!

To get started with orm you might want to look at the orm2.datatypes module first to find out what datatypes are there to populate your dbclasses with. Knowing a little SQL this should be pretty much self-explaining. Next, check out the orm2.relationships module to see how you can interrelate your classes. The orm2.dbobject.dbobject class has a couple of interesting properties, though you might not want to fiddle with most of it at the beginning. The orm2.adapters module contains code for interfacing with the RDBMS, though the orm2.datasource.datasource may likely be everything you need.

To further study the intricacies of orm you might want to have a look at the orm2.sql module, which handles SQL code generation and is going to be very helpful in writing advanced code. Consider using and/or interfacing with orm2.debug to help you track down my and your errors. orm2.util contains miscellaneous classes and functions that might come in handy.

The orm2.ui module is practically not there, yet, but you might be interested anyway.

Any ideas, suggestion or criticism is always welcome!

Diedrich Vorberg <>

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