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Diedrich Vorberg diedrich at tux4web.de
Wed Mar 31 11:23:14 CEST 2004

>Continuing along this line of thought, I was curious what people would think
>about a shift away from using ORM in the context of a name to something more
>unique like Object Membrane.  I ask because "ORM" is often used in general
>discussions to refer to the broader concept of Object Relational Mapping,
>and someone looking for a specific ORM implementation might over look Object
>Membrane assuming it is a reference to the broader topic.  This shift might
>also allow Google to index various resources more appropriately.  I don't
>mind either way, and I know the abbreviation is easier to type...  Maybe
>this is a non-issue.

At the time I made it up, the name "orm" seemed like a great idea to
me. Partly due to incompetance: I was not familiar with the
abriviation "orm" for "Object Relational Mapper" ;-) I'm not sure if
renaming would make that much sense: it does cause some confusion and
maybe it's silly but on the other hand I get 30 hits or so per month
from people googling for "python orm" :-)


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