[orm-devel] select problem

Werner F. Bruhin orm-devel@mailman.tux4web.de
Fri Feb 28 13:52:34 CET 2003

Hi Diedrich,

I checked if I get the correct result using kinterbasdb directly with 
the following little script.
import kinterbasdb

con = 

cur = con.cursor()

cur.execute("SELECT test.id,test.winename FROM test WHERE id=45")
#cur.execute("SELECT* FROM test")
print cur.fetchall()

The select with the where clause returns the right column.

Debugging ORM I do not see when the fetchxxx (one or all is called).

Will go and make myself a tea, maybe that will clear up my vision!

Have fun with Firebird on Linux.

See you

Diedrich Vorberg wrote:

>Hi Werner,
>>debug output is: SELECT test.id,test.winename FROM test WHERE id=45
>>Any hints/help would be appreciated.
>Try running the query on a plain cursor to see if it returns the 
>dataset you'd expect. Use the selectone() method of the cursor and 
>check the tuple that's returned. That's exactly what orm does just a 
>couple more functioncalls involved..:-)
>I'll set up firebird on Linux today and try it myself. Untill than I 
>can't say much more.

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