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Are you aware of this thread on wxPython list?

I believe they are using ORM for this, so might be useful to track what 
they are doing and if they need any special support.

BTW - this is how I found out about ORM in the first place.

See you

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Subject: [wxPython-users] Data-aware Grid
Date: 13 Feb 2003 08:00:34 -0500
From: Nathan R. Yergler <nathan@yergler.net>
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I'm working on a project that requires quite a bit of data to be
displayed in an editable grid.  For this reason, I have begun work on a
data-aware grid.  The approach I'm taking is to create a subclass of
wxPyGridTableBase which handles the interraction between the database
and the grid.  My question for the list is what is the most useful way
to implement the data connection?  I'm currently considering the
following options:

1) DB-API only: use Python's db-api defined classes and accept (may) a
cursor and a column list in the table constructor.  This has the
advantage that no additional modules are needed (except the specific
db-api module, of course) and it supports a wide variety of databases. 
The disadvantage is that it will probably be the most "bare bones"
implementation: using the resulting class will require intimate
knowledge of the database, etc.

2) SQLObject (http://colorstudy.com/software/SQLObject/): 
3) ORM (http://www.tux4web.de/orm/):
   Both are ways to abstractly represent a table or dataset.  Both have
subtle things that preventing me from fully loving them, but both have a
pretty good feature set.  I guess I tend to prefer SQLObject because it
more fully masks the database stuff, but I could be swayed.

Are there other connection models I'm not considering?  Are there other
ideas I should take into account?  Any feedback will be appreciated.


Nathan R. Yergler

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