[orm-devel] How to handle multi language?

Diedrich Vorberg diedrich at tux4web.de
Sat Jun 18 11:20:35 CEST 2005

Hi Werner!

> All your suggestions got me thinking.  Whenever you or anyone else  
> has a moment to look at the attached, I would be greatful for  
> comments/critics - this is nothing urgent.
> Any hints, comments, critic (but be nice, please!) is very welcome
Thank you very much for sharing your ideas with the list!

I'd like to make two remarks, though:

1. I don't think it is a good idea to have several rows per language  
in the same table. This is going to make SELECT queries less streight  
forward, because you always have to exclude those entries you don't  
want for the current language. (If the parent table is the only one  
you do SELECTs on that's not a problem, of course). Anyway, I'd like  
to have one row per country, though dispite the face that there are  
three country names, it's only one country.

2. Just a small one: I think lang_2oneColumn can be optimized by  
using a JOIN so you don't need to run two queries.

Have a nice weekend!

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