[orm-devel] orm and epydoc

Diedrich Vorberg diedrich at tux4web.de
Thu Jun 16 09:33:09 CEST 2005

> After reading some of the epydoc documentation I wonder what your  
> plans are in respect to these API docs.
> Will you start using things like:
>        @param columnName: the name of the SQL column we're  
> resonsible for
Yes, I am going to go over the whole source and use epydoc style  

> What about @return and @type?
Those also...

> I am fixing all the "impropert indentation" errors for Firebird, do  
> you want me to fix the ones in other files too?
Well, thanks! I guess I'll do it here, though, because I have to  
overhaul the sources anyway and a lot of little things have been  
changed since the last version so I can't just copy your files back.


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