[orm-devel] Re: ORM - Future?

Diedrich Vorberg dv at t4w.de
Mon Oct 4 14:55:29 CEST 2004

Hi Peter,

>I've been using SQLObject for a fairly large project for about a year now and am running into some slightly annoying corners of it and so have had a look around at what else is about. I've had a poke about in the mailing lists and don't see much recent talk, are you still working on ORM? Any plans for the future?
I am using orm myself on a number of projects. It is undergoing heavy
changes (although the API has been stable for quite a while now). Most
work is done on the user interface code. The main problem is
documentation: it is more than a year behind the actual
developement. Studying and working put large demands on my time so I
can't make orm documentation a priority.

If you'd like to start using orm give the 1.0.1 version a try. It
contains what's advertised on the website and a little more. If you're
using PostgreSQL as a backend, I can pack up the current cvs version
(the one I do production work with), whoes core functions are a little
more thoroughly debugged (only with pgsql, though) and it also has
greatly extended support code (which unfortunately is not documented).

If you've got any questions don't hesitate to email me or one of the
mailing lists.

Kind regards

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