[orm-devel] New release: 0.13

Diedrich Vorberg diedrich at tux4web.de
Mon Mar 15 11:41:13 CET 2004

Hello everybody!

I've just put a new orm release on the webserver. The release
description reads:

   The delayed column type has been improved. This release also
   contains a better version of the user interface code including a
   simple example.

There is no documentation on the user interface stuff, yet. The code
may also be subject to rather massive changes, though I guess the
basic ideas are going to stay.

One more thing: Python 2.3 has introduced a new way of hooking into
attribute setting and getting. This stuff looks like it was made just
for orm! So be warned that orm might require Python 2.3 in the near

Best wishes!

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