[orm-devel] Playing well with DABO?

Diedrich Vorberg diedrich at tux4web.de
Wed Dec 15 13:05:02 CET 2004

Hi Sebastian,

>Could you consider looking into how ORM would work with DABO? If it 
>does I absolutely sure it will boost adoption of both frameworks. And 
>save developers a lot of time!
I didn't know Dabo at all, thanks for pointing it out to me! It looks
very impressive. I don't quite have the time to look into in detail it
right now, though, but I am going to do so. I know ORM needs some GUI
integration and Dabo looks like an excellent choice.

Right now I'm using orm for web applications only and I've put some
work into automatic creation of HTML from a datamodel. But I don't
even have time to write documentation for it. ORM should have had at
least three major releases in the last half year, but I couldn't find
the time to do one. If you're willing to look into Dabo/ORM
integration youself I'd be happy to help you out whenever I can...

>Also, check out this cool scalability test I was involved in to prove 
>the viability of ORM:
That's some impressive hardware... not quite the order of magnitude I
usually work with. I didn't quite see the connection to Python and
orm, though...


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