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Subject: Maximize your L|p size
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 12:18:59 +0500
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<html><head><title>FINALLY A LIP PLUMPER THAT ACTUALLY WORKS !!!</title>
<link href=3D"http://subrogation.justdoing.biz/style.css" rel=3D"styleshe=
et" type=3D"text/css"></head>
<body><table width=3D"500" border=3D"1" align=3D"center" cellpadding=3D"0"=
 cellspacing=3D"0" bordercolor=3D"#990099">
<tr><td><table width=3D"500" border=3D"0" align=3D"center" cellpadding=3D"=
0" cellspacing=3D"0"><tr><td width=3D"511"></td></tr>
<tr><td><table width=3D"478" border=3D"0" align=3D"center" cellpadding=3D"=
0" cellspacing=3D"0">
<tr><td width=3D"478" align=3D"center">
<span class=3D"tr">Get Plump, Sexy Lip<span class=3D"w">'</span>s<br>In Un=
der 30 Days!</span>
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<table width=3D"455" border=3D"0" cellspacing=3D"0" cellpadding=3D"4"><tr =
class=3D"l"><td colspan=3D"2" valign=3D"top">
<span class=3D"p">CITY LIP</span><span class=3D"w">'</span><span class=3D"=
p">S</span> exclusive lip treatment...</td></tr>
<tr><td width=3D"16" valign=3D"top" align=3D"right" class=3D"g">	&gt;</td>=

<td width=3D"491" valign=3D"top" class=3D"l"><span class=3D"p">Stimulates =
collagen</span> &amp; hyaluronic moisture in your lip<span class=3D"w">'</=
span>s resulting in <span class=3D"p">BIGGER,</span> LUSCIOUS, <span class=
=3D"p"> more SENSUOUS Lip</span><span class=3D"w">'</span><span class=3D"p=
<tr><td width=3D"16" valign=3D"top" align=3D"right" class=3D"g">	&gt;</td>=

<td valign=3D"top" class=3D"l"><span class=3D"p">CITY LIP</span><span clas=
s=3D"w">'</span><span class=3D"p">S</span> is <span class=3D"p">used</span=
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astic Surgeons, Celebrities,</span> &amp; <span class=3D"p">Movie Stars</s=
<tr><td width=3D"16" valign=3D"top" align=3D"right" class=3D"g">	&gt;</td>=

<td valign=3D"top" class=3D"l">	<span class=3D"p">CITY LIP</span><span cla=
ss=3D"w">'</span><span class=3D"p">S</span> super-hydrating formula plumps=
 &amp; <span class=3D"p">reduces</span> unattractive<span class=3D"p"> lip=
 wrinkles &amp; fine lines</span></td></tr>
<tr><td width=3D"16" valign=3D"top" align=3D"right" class=3D"g">	&gt;</td>=

<td valign=3D"top" class=3D"l">	Easy to use, completely <span class=3D"p">=
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