[orm-devel] Firebird adapter

Werner F. Bruhin orm-devel@mailman.tux4web.de
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 18:20:38 +0100

Firebird has released Beta 3, hoped to get some support in that beta to
allow the implementation of the ORM adapter for Firebird to have just
one stored procedure.  Unfortunately it did not make it and the Firebird
developer would/could not give a date nor which beta would contain that
patch so I decided to go ahead and implement it with what is there now 
(an advantage is that it supports FB 1.02 and might even work for 
Interbase, so that I don't know for sure).

This means that per generated column (autoinc in Firebird) we will need
a Generator and one stored procedure.  To facilitate this I created an
"fbgen.py" which generates the Firebird class definitions and the SQL to
create the generator and the stored procedure, one just has to copy/past
this into a SQL script exec like ibexpert to create things in the db.

Here some links were you can get some stuff you will probably need/want.

*Firebird DB* (really any release, at least for the moment):

If you get beta 3 you have to do some manual install steps (at least on
- extract ZIP file to e.g. c:\program files\firebird
- go to c:\program files\firebird\bin
- instreg install "c:\program files\firebird" -z
- instsvc install "c:\program files\firebird" -auto -g

*Python Extension package for Firebird*

*Firebird manager* (stop/start if installed as service, support of
multiple versions of FB)

*DB managing/adminstration tool
*I use IBExpert personal edition (free), tried out full version which
includes additional tools such as Grant Manager, User Manager, SQL
debugger and DB design tool which can reverse engineer DB (I did a
Paradox DB to FB, without any problems - requires a plug in).

http://www.hksoftware.net/download/ibep_2.5.0.22_full.exe  (link to
personal version which is free)

Other options are:

Hope I did not forget anything - obviously you will need latest version
of ORM (see next posting).

See you