[orm-devel] Re: anonymous cvs access

Berthold Höllmann orm-devel@mailman.tux4web.de
22 Nov 2002 21:58:12 +0100

Diedrich Vorberg <diedrich@tux4web.de> writes:

> Moin,

Auch Moin,

>    cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@c200.tux4web.de:/var/data/public_cvs login
>    (No password)
>    cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@c200.tux4web.de:/var/data/public_cvs co orm
> Should do the job.

Not really
>cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@c200.tux4web.de:/var/data/public_cvs co orm
cvs server: Updating orm
cvs server: failed to create lock directory for `/var/data/public_cvs/orm' (/var/data/public_cvs/orm/#cvs.lock): Permission denied
cvs server: failed to obtain dir lock in repository `/var/data/public_cvs/orm'
cvs [server aborted]: read lock failed - giving up> 

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