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You can get the development version by cvs:

          cvs -z3 co orm2

If you're new to cvs you might want to check out this page, supplied by GNU Savannah, that explains how to use it.

List of dependencies


orm2a5.tgz (sig) 117 KB Fifth alpha release. A number of bug fixes and additions.
orm2a4.tgz (sig) 93 KB Fourth alpha release, featuring a bunch of new utility datatypes and massive docstring updates.
orm2a3.tgz (sig) 93 KB Third alpha release. Added firebird adapter and some rudimentary tests for it.
orm2.0a2.tgz (sig) 86 KB This is the second alpha release of orm2. The core of orm is now basically feature complete. The user interface module is still at a design stage. I've completed the MySQL adapter and successfully run the regression tests on it. And comment or contribution is very welcome!

Old Downloads (orm v.1)

The old version of orm is still hosted on my own webserver. It's not being developed anymore, but if you still use it, you can still ask questions, of course!


orm-1.1.tar.gz 118 KB The orm-1.x releases have been lost. Man, I didn't look at these things for a long time! This is the last version of orm1, it's the one I'm using for all my old projects. It should work as a drop-in replacement.
orm-1.0.1.tar.gz 118 KB Fixed a bug in the delayed datatype/column pair.
orm-1.0.tar.gz 118 KB orm's 1.0 release marks a change: I've started a 1.1 branch in the cvs repository in which I'll start reworking orm to use metaclasses. Besides that, orm 1.0 has a much better debug module than all versions before. Check it out :-)
orm-0.16.tar.gz 117 KB Small changes brought up by Werner F. Bruhin after testing with FirebirdSQL
orm-0.15.tar.gz 109 KB The example programs have been ported to the firebird adapter wich brought out a number of bugs in it. Everything seems to work fine now. There have been a numer of documentation (docstring) updates.
orm-0.14.tar.gz 101 KB This release is mainly for bugfixes. It also enables the use of " or ` in column names.
orm-0.13.tar.gz 99 KB The delayed column type has been improved. This release also contains a better version of the user interface code including a simple example.
orm-0.12.tar.gz 75 KB Fixed the delayed datatype. Added a way of ordering childobjects when geting them from a one2many relationship. There is a new module: orm.html which provides a way of storing presentation information in your datamodel. This is not required, of course, and does not change anything outside the html module! This stuff is still alpha!
orm-0.11.tar.gz 71 KB It's been a while since the last release, I'm sorry about that. This version of orm features rather massive changes under the hood, but I don't think applications will be affected too much (except by those darn bugs, of course). Most noteably for users, the join() functions has been added. See the example directories!
orm-0.10.tar.gz 71 KB Werner F. Bruhin contributed an adapter for the Firebird RDBMS. This brought out many faults and bugs in ORM which have been improved or corrected.
orm-0.9.tar.gz 56 KB Added Python classes for pgsql's INTERVAL type.
orm-0.8.tar.gz 58 KB The source archive grows steadily and will soon turn 1MB :-) This one contains changes to the pgsql backend that let you to write custom datatype/column classes so that you can use PostgreSQL's type system. Based on these changes there is a datatype class now for pgsql's NUMERIC datatype that uses an optional Python package called FixedPoint that lets you do arbitrary precision/exact math in Python as in PostgreSQL.
orm-0.7.tar.gz 48 KB After the 0.6 fiasco this version should be more useable again. Thanks to Mike Watkins again for bugfixes and suggestions!
orm-0.7pre2.tar.gz 49 KB After 0.6 having so many (partly severe) errors this is for testing only. I hope the 0.7 release will be useable again! Sorry about the mess! Another pre-release with more fixes thanks to Mike Watkins.
orm-0.7pre1.tar.gz 50 KB
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