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Class PEMail

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    object --+            
      property --+        
datatypes.datatype --+    
     datatypes.Unicode --+

Like PDomain above, but for e-Mail addresses. The local part will be checked against a regular expression, the remote part will be treated like a domain name by the PDomain class above.

Nested Classes [hide private]
SQL literal class for <b>valid</b> Unicode (idna) domain names and email addresses.

Inherited from datatypes.Unicode: python_class

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  __init__(self, column=None, title=None, validators=(), has_default=False)
  __convert__(self, value)

Inherited from datatypes.Unicode: __set_from_result__

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__init__(self, column=None, title=None, validators=(), has_default=False)

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Overrides: datatypes.datatype.__init__
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__convert__(self, value)

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Overrides: datatypes.Unicode.__convert__